Heart Block side view
Heart Block top view

Heart-Shaped Knifeblock

Heartblock £165.00 Quantity: Add

A new approach to marrying form and function has resulted in our new and exceptionally popular heart-shaped knifeblocks. These are made of 2" thick Oak, and as with all of our products, each one is 100% unique.

Each knifeblock will hold between 12 – 15 household cooking knives of varying sizes from an all-purpose Chefs Knife to a paring knife within the two sections, the rear section holding the longer knives, and the front one the shorter. Knives are not included with the block.

Each block also contains a channel for a sharpening steel. Unfortunately, due to their configuration, these knifeblocks cannot hold cleavers.

Please take note: Items are only made to order. We do not carry stock. Please allow up to 4 weeks for item production and delivery. We will, of course, dispatch earlier should this be possible.

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