MilkPrinted Butter tetra3

Ceramic Butter Dish, "Tetrapak" Milk, Cream and Sugar Collection

Butter Printed £35.00 Quantity: Add
Butter £35.00 Quantity: Add
Milk Printed £29.50 Quantity: Add
Milk Carton £29.50 Quantity: Add
Cream Carton £26.00 Quantity: Add

These wonderfully original ideas are made in England and are not only extremely clever, they are fun and practical to boot. Finished in a pure white glaze, they are a welcome addition to any dinner table or kitchen.
The collection consists of “Butter” Dish, “Milk Carton”, “Cream Carton” (available embossed or screen-printed) and “Sugar Carton”. Each is available to purchase separately.
Please refrain from dishwashing.

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